We always have in stock around 325 remnants of granite and quartz!


Give your interior a fresh look and a character!
Choose from a wide variety of natural stone remnants to use them for shower seats, fireplace frames, vanity tops or thresholds creation.


Precision digital waterjet CNC manufacture for an amazing look and feel

Edge Profile

Eased edge profiles for smooth transition


Professional measurement is not included. The fee for this service is set at additional $100 (adjust price)


Professional installation is not included. The fee for this service is set at additional $200 (adjust price)

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Available Remnants


White Lace 2CM

Price per request/ square foot

Carrara Marble

Price per request/ square foot

Fantasy Brown

Price per request/ square foot

Silver Waves

Price per request/ square foot

Giallo Verona

Price per request/ square foot

Absolute Black Honed

Price per request/ square foot

Steel Grey LF

Price per request/ square foot

Blue Flowers

Price per request/ square foot

Azul Nuevo

Price per request/ square foot


Price per request/ square foot

Ubatuba LF

Price per request/ square foot

White Zen

Price per request/ square foot

How to order
Remnants from our deposit


Remnant selection

Think about the places in your house that need some renovation as well as about the colors and shades you’d need. Check our vast collection of remnants and find the one that will add some zest to your interior.



Contact us to discuss the details of your project by phone (615) 900-2229 or describe them in an email and we will find the stone that fits your description.


Pick up the stone

You can pick up your carefully prepared granite or other stone remnant at the scheduled time from our office. It will be ready for installation.

Remnants FAQ


Granite Empire is well-known for offering professional natural and fabricated stone countertops measurement, cutting, production and installation for both kitchens and bathrooms. We do this every day for many years, and of course, our stocks of granite, marble and quartz remnants are replenished and refreshed continuously.

The stone remnants are a perfect solution for small renovations within your home – eco-friendly, smart and profitable. You can choose any of our fine stone slab remnants to get an elegant fireplace frame or island, a gorgeous vanity top or any other purpose where remnants will act as a suitable solution. Call us to discuss the details of your refurbishment project.

What are granite and quartz remnants?

Each countertop manufacturing and installation leads to a varying number of stone remainders left after cutting big slabs for different remodelling purposes, such as making holes for sinks and other appliances, as well as all the cabinets and walls twists and turns. These are stone remnants – random sized slabs of marble, quartz and granite, that are not suitable for use in big projects. They don’t end up in the garbage. We carefully collect them and name them according to the stone and its shade from which they were cut.

What are the best ways to use granite and quartz remnants?

Natural stone is being formed for thousands of years, so stone slabs have to be treated with great care when extracted, manufactured and installed to prevent waste. Even if the process of producing a countertop implies cutting off some pieces of stone, these are carefully collected for further use in other smaller projects.

The materials that remain after countertop manufacturing and installation process usually are too small to be used for another countertop, but still great to create elegant interior accents, adding class and taste to your home. These can be vanity tops, fireplace frames or other small decorations, that will add to the coziness of your place. They can both demonstrate the natural beauty of the stone and emphasize the homeowner’s great taste at a fair price.

How can I benefit from using granite, marble and quartz remnants?

Large stone slabs used in big projects, such as countertops manufacturing can cost a lot. As the average square foot price paid on the US market for full-size granite slabs is around $35-75, a whole countertop installation project can cost between $1,500 and $3,500. Projects using quartz slabs are even more expensive – $2,000 to $5,000 per project with a price of $45-85 per square foot. The only way to make these installations more affordable is to use remnants, as their price is up to 75% lower than that of full-size slabs of stone. The cost per square foot of granite remnants can start from $30 and that of the quartz remnants – from $35.


Reviews and Opinions

Mandi Post


Granite Empire was so easy to work with and the installation was awesome. We had older cabinets so the weight of the granite made them settle. Our seam popped about a month later so we called them. They sent someone out the next day and fixed it. We have recommended them to multiple friends and all of them have been happy with them.

Amy Nause


Highly recommend Mike and his team at Granite Empire. Mike was so helpful, patient, and professional. I randomly drove by this place and decided to stop in and check their products. I love the metroquartz I decided on and I feel like I got the best price possible! Mike was also a great communicator and did excellent work. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience here.

Laura Niblack Tellez


Excellent Service! Huge selection! You only pay for the granite you need, not the whole slab. Edges are included in the price. Experienced workers. Professional from start to finish. Fantastic prices!

Leann Nokes


We went to the Granite Empire last Saturday. On Monday they came and measured and on Friday it was installed! Very fast service and everyone was professional and courteous. Would definitely recommend the Granite Empire to anyone looking for new countertops! Thanks so much!

Kathleen Dunn


Looking for excellent marble works at your kitchen?? Believe me no other firm will provide such a neat and quick work in your kitchen than the Granite Empire which in true means is an empire for this work. I am highly recommending after my own experience with their cooperating & skilled staff. As per my Cousin’s recommendation, I got their quotation for granite counter top and I was amazed because it was quite reasonable and according to the market. You must give it a try. Wonderful experience!!!

Cathy Moore


Saw them at Chattanooga home show. Had another quote for my new home. And they came in 20% less in price and with quartz and marble instead of granite. Jessica was a professional and a pleasure to work with. Victor came out 150 miles to SC, measured. And returned on schedule to do an excellent install. High quality, professional craftsmen! I took a chance to save $2000. Dollars and I could not be happier!! Give them a chance you will not regret it!!

Ashley Stevens


The team at Granite Empire have been amazing. Natalie has been prompt in all her responses to me. She also gave me a fair quote on remodeling the countertops in our kitchen l. I would highlight recommend Granite Empire for any of your kitchen remodeling needs.

Elicia Canaday


I can’t even begin to say how wonderful it was working with Kristina at Granite Empire! She went above and beyond to help us make our dream kitchen possible. From the shopping right down to the install, it was a breeze. Thank you so much!!!

Flor Japay


Kristina thank you so much for working tirelessly with us you are grately appreciated and to all the employees who collaborated. It’s a job welll DONE. We thanks everyone.

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