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Creating a unique space with granite means bringing together disparate elements of design and style. Countertops match many different décor types and can give your home an unmatched beauty and elegant appeal.

granite kitchen countertops delicatus white columbia sc east coast granite marble

Beauty of Granite countertops

Granite is formed when molten magma flows into the spaces created by other rocks, slowly hardening into a beautiful stone that showcases its composition with a subtle shine. Granite’s dramatic origins include material from stones such as mica, quartz, and feldspar that have been liquefied by volcanic heat, and then compressed together into the striations that give your countertops their uniquely beautiful appearance. When polished, the beauty of stone is undeniable, and undeniably unique, making it an excellent choice for your home.

granite kitchen countertops delicatus white columbia sc east coast granite marble

The appearance of each set of granite countertops relies on the origin of the stone, itself.

  • No two slabs are exactly alike; after the stone from a specific site is gone, there will never be any other  one with exactly the same attributes.
  • The veining and the variations in each piece of granite are wholly dependent on the composition of the magma that created them.
  • These stunning differences mean that there are never two slabs that are identical.

With such a spectacular palette of choices, you can match your chosen décor perfectly to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Granite is a very porous type of rock (known as igneous rock), meaning that it can soak up liquids with which it comes into contact. For this reason, we highly recommend that countertops be sealed properly to prevent staining and contamination with bacteria and viruses. Installing granite countertops gives your home a boost in value; it’s an investment. It only makes sense to protect your investment with a good sealer.

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How to Choose the Right Color Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite countertops have the power to make your entire home warmer and more welcoming. Some excellent points to consider:

  • They’re not easily damaged by heat and can easily handle hot pots and pans in the kitchen, or the heat of active styling tools in the bathroom.
  • They’re easy to maintain once they’ve been sealed; they won’t harbor dangerous microbes.
  • Cleaning only requires a damp cloth and, if desired, a mild cleanser.
  • They can help set off other parts of your dream kitchen, such as high-quality cabinets or appliances.
  • The formation of the stone is completely natural, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • They are highly resistant to chips and scratches.
  • The longevity of countertops is exceptional and with proper care, typically last for several decades.

The maintenance for these countertops is only moderate as compared to some other solid types of countertop surfaces.

granite kitchen countertops delicatus white columbia sc east coast granite marble
granite kitchen countertops delicatus white columbia sc east coast granite marble

Further Considerations


Is an excellent material for:

  • Tiles on floors and walls, whether indoors or outside your home.
  • Fireplace hearths.
  • Damp areas like mud rooms, showers, and around pools.

It’s a simple matter to create a stunning room with a variety of colors and styles, leading to a flowing, cohesive look anywhere with Granite Depot.

Due to the porous nature of granite, it’s essential that they be properly sealed to ensure their continued beauty. At Granite Depot, we’re proud to offer a sealer called Stain-Proof Plus, which allows us to offer an unmatched 25-year warranty.

The Astonishing Array of Colors


There are over 2,500 granite colors and patterns, meaning you can find something to complement any décor you may choose for your dream kitchen or bath. Whether you desire something understated and elegant, or bold and beautiful, there are hundreds of colors to fit your needs.

  • Granite Hues – The base color can run through a spectrum of colors from snowy white to deepest black.
  • Patterns – Veins can show up as a variety of colors, from red to pink, black to white, and browns of many shades.
  • Matched Slabs – Because there are so many variations, must be carefully tracked and grouped together. Our suppliers take care of this task so you can have a perfect set of countertops without fear of mismatching the slabs.

Your dream kitchen with granite countertops is going to be remarkable, and there’s no better match for your singular vision than the spectrum of colors and slabs available at Granite Depot. We have thousands of slabs available to help you bring your vision to reality.

granite kitchen countertops sienna bordeaux columbia sc east coast granite marble
granite kitchen countertops delicatus white columbia sc east coast granite marble

Buy Granite Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen


Granite kitchen countertops are an investment for your home  and you can always be proud of the beauty they bring to your home.

  • Their durability is well known, rivaling that of quartz countertops in their ability to resist chipping and scratching.
  • With proper sealing, they’re very easy to maintain over time, giving them a well-deserved edge over some other types of natural stone countertops.
  • Kitchen countertops in Columbia can reduce your family’s exposure to dangerous microbes because they can’t seep into the properly-sealed stone.
  • Cleaning countertops is typically a simple task: wiping them down with a damp cloth. Although it’s not necessary, you may also choose to use a mild cleanser.
  • The tight nature of countertop installation means that grout isn’t required, eliminating another area where bacteria and viruses could hide.

Vanity Tops for Your Dream Bathroom


The elegance of can lend any space a more luxurious feel, and the bathroom is no exception. Vanity tops are resistant to both heat and scratches, and can be created in a plethora of shapes and sizes. The corners can even be rounded for greater safety or a more dramatic visual impact for your bathrooms.

granite bathroom countertops verona columbia sc east coast granite marble

Cost of countertops - Columbia SC


Our Simple 5-Step Process

We’ve made sure the process for ordering your countertops is as simple as possible. It’s just five steps, from start to finish.

  1. Request your personalized estimate. Our Design Specialists will be in touch within 24 hours to help you through the next steps.
  2. Choose the perfect and edging for your countertops in Columbia. We carry thousands of slabs for your convenience.
  3. Create the template. From the day we complete your template to countertop installation, we guarantee you’ll wait no more than five to seven business days.
  4. We fabricate your countertops. We’ll make sure everything is done perfectly in order to get to the next step quickly and flawlessly.
  5. Our experienced team in  works together to get your countertops installed quickly so that you can start enjoying them.


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