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Have you decided on the stone you like the most? Feel free to use our online calculator to get an instant quote of your future remodelling project.
Use the filters to introduce some details about the countertops – their square footage, material and sink type as well as the preferred edging and get an instant estimation. In case you’d like to get something special, contact us and we’ll send in one of our experts to make the necessary measurements and a personalised estimation.



Now, when you got a satisfactory quote, it’s time to select your slab. We offer a variety of beautiful natural stone slabs to our clients, each of them – unique, wearing an unrepeatable pattern and color shade.
This is the reason we invite you to our showroom to personally select the material that will inspire you. We can guarantee that your kitchen or bathroom will look stunning.



When making measurements of your countertops, Granit Empire professionals use modern, high-precision tools only, such as LT-55 XL Laser Templator. After the measurements are done, the template proceeds to our manufacturing facilities. The tool provides accuracy up to 50 ft is +/- 1/16’’ and is the guarantee that your countertops will be cut precisely and fit in every curve and oddity of your home surface.



The first thing we make sure of is that your personalised layout perfectly matches the veins of the stone you’ve selected. After that, your slab is cut with a Bridge Saw Machine according to the precise measurements made earlier.
This technology allows to achieve invisible seams and flawless cutouts for sinks and household appliances and to avoid hand measuring and cutting on the spot, that can result in gaps and undesired edging. The product we bring to your home is ready for installation, and there is no place for mistakes.



This is the last step of your remodelling process. Our team of experienced professionals is fully responsible for the result from its very beginning to the successful end. We’re installing natural stone countertops for 11 years already, so any errors are absolutely excluded.

First of all, we schedule an installation appointment with you for the time that suits you best. Please keep in mind that the installation process takes only a couple of hours.


When we arrive, we start the installation process with covering the top of your base cabinets with plywood, that has 2 functions – support for the slab and protection from dust and dirt for the furniture. After that, we lift, transport and set your up to 770 pounds stone in place on an adhesive underneath, using a modern lift system. This means safety for both people and your place, and the process requires fewer people being involved.


The last step is to install the sink, caulk the edges, fill the seams, as well as clean and polish the stone. Now the whole surface is waterproof and shiny.

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