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How to clean granite countertops?

How to clean your granite countertop? It’s so easy! Often a microfiber cleaning cloth, even a dry one, is all that is needed for basic cleaning. Also, you can clean it with warm water and a couple of drops of ... Read More
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The waterfall countertop

The waterfall design has a sleek and minimal look that can elevate your island or countertop to a whole new level. 📍 71 Berkshire Dr, SC 📲 (803) 918-5887 ... Read More
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Granite Countertops

Granite countertops offer amazing beauty and unique character combined with high durability and low maintenance. While granite will probably never be the cheapest countertop solution, the long-term sustained demand for granite countertops has increased supply. As a result, granite has ... Read More
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Azurite Granite

Azurite Granite from Brazil is a beautiful rich polished slab granite of blues and creams of medium variation with darker veining for elegant contrast. Indoor and outdoor applications for this exquisite granite include landscaping projects, granite countertops, flooring, and backsplashes. ... Read More
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5 Advantages of Quartz

While both Quartz and Granite look beautiful in a kitchen, bathroom, or office space, there are a few benefits to choosing quartz countertops over natural stone☝🏻 ... Read More
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Marble countertops

Marble appeals to those who like the unique character that comes as the counters wear and age gracefully over time. These folks consider marble to be the “jeans of countertops” – wearing and aging gracefully, gaining organic character, and being ... Read More
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5 Tips to help you care for Quartz countertops

What is certain about quartz is that it has become a preferred material for kitchen and bathroom countertops, and one of the reasons supporting this trend is a perceived maintenance advantage. Caring for quartz is fairly simple, and it boils ... Read More
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Black Antique Granite

Black Antique granite is a natural stone with an incredible appearance. Dark natural stone is a great way to add a subtle and classy look to any project. Black Antique granite will look great whether you are looking to match ... Read More
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Carrara White Marble

Carrara White is one of the most famous stone in the world. This marble has been quarried for centuries, due to its elegant white-gray background and soft gray veins. Carrara White is a timeless stone perfect for any traditional or ... Read More
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How to warm up an all white kitchen?

✨ Use wood and warm wood tones with natural textures ✨Add a touch of nature to warm up your kitchen ✨Add a touch of brass or gold ✨Add a pop of color Give us a call for natural stone countertops! ... Read More
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Marble in history

Marble is one of the oldest and most beautiful stones available on the market for countertops. It’s a metamorphic stone that is a result of limestone being subjected to immense amount of pressure for long periods of time. Marble’s popularity ... Read More
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How are Quartz countertops made?

Have you ever wondered how quartz countertops are made?🤔 The process is actually very interesting. Quartz minerals are mined and then they are ground into an aggregate that is later fused with resin that binds the rock under intense pressure ... Read More