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Granite, a natural stone, is well-known for its strength and aesthetic appeal in construction and design. A common question is whether granite gets harder with age. The answer lies in understanding the formation of granite. It’s formed under immense heat and pressure, making it incredibly hard from the outset. This hardness doesn’t increase over time; however, its durability and resistance to wear make it appear more enduring.

In projects like granite countertop installation, the stone’s resilience is a significant factor. The process of granite countertop installation at Granite Depot of Columbia ensures that the stone’s natural properties are optimally utilized. While the hardness of the granite remains constant, its finish and polish can maintain its appearance for years, contributing to the perception of increased hardness.

With our expertise in granite countertop installation, we often highlights the stone’s capability to withstand daily kitchen activities without deteriorating in quality. This consistent durability over time is sometimes mistaken for an increase in hardness.

In conclusion, granite’s hardness is a result of its natural formation process and does not change with age. Its enduring nature, especially in applications like countertop installation, makes it a popular choice for long-lasting and attractive surfaces. If you’re considering a lasting addition to your home, call us for top-notch granite countertop installation and embrace the beauty and durability of granite in your living space!

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