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When considering a new kitchen or bathroom renovation, one often overlooked detail is the countertop edge. Yet, this seemingly minor choice can greatly influence the aesthetics and functionality of a space. The best countertop edge often depends on personal preference, but certain styles have gained popularity over the years. Beveled, bullnose, and ogee edges are a few of the popular choices among homeowners. While the bullnose offers a smooth and round finish, the ogee edge provides a more intricate and classical look. Before making a final decision, it’s advisable to visit a few “granite countertop stores near me” to see the various edge options in person. One highly recommended location for such a venture is Granite Depot of Columbia. Not only will you get a firsthand view of the different edges, but their expert team can provide guidance on what might work best for your space. Before finalizing your renovation plans, make another stop at the “granite countertop stores near me” to ensure you’re making an informed choice. Remember, it’s these details that can truly make a space unique and tailored to your style.

Transform Your Space with the Ideal Countertop Edge